Review of “A Bowl of Olives: On Food and Memory” by Sara Midda

This is a beautiful paean to food made up of pastel watercolors, photographs, recipes, memories, food trivia, and quotations.


As an example, there is a section on Eggs, which begins with a quotation from Samuel Butler: “A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg.” The author then tells you about the symbolism of eggs and associated superstitions; a lovely picture showing you eggs in many of its variations (hard-boiled, poached, scrambled, etc.); and an explanation of The Egg Dance, a traditional Easter dance in olden times.

There is information on herbs and greens, fruits, vegetables, spices, jams, guides to setting the table, and having a picnic, inter alia.

This would make a gorgeous gift book, or addition to your kitchen or coffee table to savor when you’re looking for just a soupçon of savory inspiration.

Evaluation: This is another high quality gem from Workman Publishing, which regularly creates the kind of books you want to give or receive as gifts.

Published by Workman Publishing, 2014


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9 Responses to Review of “A Bowl of Olives: On Food and Memory” by Sara Midda

  1. jama says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Been a Sara Midda fan for a long time. Must get this one. 🙂

  2. I wonder if it’s too late to ask Santa for another book…

  3. BermudaOnion says:

    I enjoyed this book and thought it was gorgeous too.

  4. Belle Wong says:

    This one sounds right up my alley! I love food books like this, with little chunks of information about lots of different foods and customs.

  5. I hadn’t heard of this book before but I am a foodie so it sounds like a great pick for me!

  6. Beth F says:

    I have this one too and loved it. It’s another one I have yet written about.

  7. Laurie C says:

    I hadn’t heard of this, but it sounds great! Workman does put out a lot of great books!

  8. Shaina says:

    Food and books are my two great loves in life, and this sounds like a great combination! Thanks for sharing.

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