Review of “Homicide in Hardcover” by Kate Carlisle

Homicide in Hardcover is an adorable “cozy” mystery about Brooklyn Wainwright, a San Francisco book restoration expert who gets caught up in a criminal investigation. Her former beloved mentor, Abraham Karastovsky, has been murdered while working on a supposedly cursed book, The Faust.

Brooklyn takes over the project, and tries to solve the crime herself with the help of her kooky family, a handsome security officer, and some endearing friends. (Brooklyn’s name, along with the odd place names of her siblings, comes from the places where her hippie parents had been to Grateful Dead concerts.)

The book has loads of humor, suspense, good fun, and some great lines. (My favorite: “Suffice it to say, this was another lesson learned the hard way. Men were good for one thing only. Killing spiders.”)

If you like food, wine, sass, the frisson of suggested sex and a bit of mystery, you won’t be disappointed by this delightful book.

Published by Obsidian, 2009


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