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Sunday Salon – Birthday Thoughts and Carrot Cake Recipe

Today is my birthday. I’ve always been a fan of the bittersweet story, of the Blues, and of the Fado. (Fado, called Portuguese blues by some, is a music genre usually linked to the Portuguese word saudade which refers to … Continue reading

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Diversify Your Reading Challenge

Zetta Elliott, the talented author and blogger, cites an article on her blog noting that: “…studies have consistently found that minority-race characters are underrepresented in fiction for children and young adults, and that existing portrayals of minority characters are often … Continue reading

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Sunday Salon – What Is Erotic to Women Readers, or Why We Love Jack and Mr. Rochester

Mr. Rochester, is of course, the hero of Jane Eyre. Jack is the hero of the Nadia Stafford series (Exit Strategy and Made to Be Broken, about a female ex-cop who turned hit woman to help finance her nature lodge). … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Diversity Reading Challenges

Why is it so hard to find books by people of color in libraries and bookstores? One reason is that these books are marginalized: relegated to separate niche sections to which browsers might not go. As the average white shopper … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t Presidents Before Obama Use the Lincoln Bible?

President Obama was the first President to be sworn in using the Lincoln Bible since its first use in 1861. Why didn’t other president-elects use it? Slate Online Magazine provides the answer: “Because the Library of Congress didn’t offer it … Continue reading

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