Kid Lit Review of “Eat Your Science Homework: Recipes for Inquiring Minds” by Ann McCallum

I have a whole bunch of little people around me who are opposed to science but not at all opposed to eating. This adorable book offers a remedy for that problem.

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The author combines recipes with basic science information that explains science associated with making the food, in ways I certainly never anticipated. For example, take “Sedimentary Pizza Lasagna.” First the author defines the three basic categories of rocks, one of which is sedimentary. She explains that when the Sedimentary Pizza Lasagna bakes, the ingredients meld together to create a sediment. Then she illustrates how to rate the sediment using the Mohs Scale of Hardness. (Thank heavens I’m not cooking here; I’m sure I would earn a “ten” for some of my baking, and not as in “best” but in “hardest.” The first time I tried pecan pie comes to mind….)

Then there are the very exciting “Invisible Ink Snack Pockets.” You not only learn about how to make invisible ink, but you get to write secret messages on the top of each snack that will become visible at it bakes!


Ingredients are simple, the cooking instructions are very clear, and they indicate which parts might require the help of an adult (such as for lighting the oven).

At the end there is a “Science Review” and a glossary.

The adorable illustrations by Leeza Hernandez use animals for cooks, scientists, and tasters. There are fun details hidden in mot pictures for those who play close attention.


Evaluation: This combo primer for both cooking and science should appeal to a wide range of ages.

Published by Charlesbridge, 2014


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