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Total Lunar Eclipse December 20/21, 2010

This eclipse is supposed to be one of the best ever. What makes this years’ eclipse so special is the fact that the moon will be very high in the sky and so the eclipse will be seen from coast … Continue reading

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October 4, 1957 – The USSR Launches Sputnik

The world’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik, was about the size of a beach ball. It was a heavy beach ball, however, weighing in at 183.9 pounds. It took about an hour and a half to orbit the Earth, traveling at … Continue reading

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May 11, 1918 – Birthday of Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman was an outstanding theoretical physicist, raconteur, musician, and teacher. Among his many other accomplishments, he introduced an ingenious schematic form of simple notations (now called Feynman Diagrams) to describe the complex behavior of subatomic particles. In 1965, he … Continue reading

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Sunday Salon – February 15, 1564 and 1988: Important Times for Science

February 15 is a big day for science. It marks both the anniversary of Galileo’s birth and the anniversary of Richard Feynman’s death. Much of the way we understand the universe came from these two men. Galileo Galilei was born … Continue reading

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January 7, 1610: Galileo Goes Sky-Watching and Changes the Universe

The telescope was invented in the Netherlands. The news of the invention spread rapidly, and by 1609 telescopes were for sale in spectacle-makers’ shops throughout Europe. There were even those who used telescopes to observe the moon. But it was … Continue reading

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