Poetry Month Review of “Poems to See By: A Comic Artist Interprets Great Poetry” by Julian Peters

This author/artist already illustrated my very favorite poem (“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot,” online here).

Now, he somehow managed to figure out what many of the rest of my favorite poems were and include them in this magical book. He reproduces the full texts of the poems he selected plus adds marvelous illustrations for all of them. And in fact, each illustration is sufficiently unique that it’s a wonder they are all by the same artist.

Poets he selected include e.e. cummings, William Butler Yeats, Siegfried Sasson, Seamus Heaney, Emily Dickinson, and more, adding up to 25 classic poems. Peters’ imagination is as much on display as is that of the poets, since he interprets their meaning through his illustrations. I particularly appreciated his take on “The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower” by Dylan Thomas and “Musée des Beaux Arts” by W.H. Auden. Peters clarifies what seems abstruse; his visionary perceptions are revelatory.

Evaluation: This is a book for lovers of poetry, lovers of art, and those who just appreciate remarkable talent. Highly recommended!

Rating: 5/5

Published by Plough Publishing House, 2020


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3 Responses to Poetry Month Review of “Poems to See By: A Comic Artist Interprets Great Poetry” by Julian Peters

  1. Oh my gosh, just LOOK at those gorgeous illustrations! I love this and I must have it.

  2. BermudaOnion says:

    That’s the kind of poetry I need – the beautiful illustrations would help me understand the poems.

  3. litandlife says:

    I LOVE this – perfect for my kid that majored in fine arts w/ a minor in English that had an emphasis on poetry!

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