Kid Lit Review of “In Plain Sight” by Richard Jackson

This is a heart-warming story for ages 4-7 about the close relationship between a little girl, Sophie, and her grandfather, who lives with her and her parents in a cozy brownstone apartment. The grandfather is confined to a wheelchair, and so Grandpa “lives by the window.”


Every day when Sophie gets home from school, he asks her to find some everyday object he claims to have misplaced. It is usually in plain sight so readers can find it easily along with Sophie. The placement of the objects also reveals something about the Grandpa’s past, so readers can surmise he was a policeman, and he used to play football, and he loves to read and play checkers with Sophie.


The full-bleed pencil and watercolor illustrations by award-winner Jerry Pinkney are lovely, with a warmth that reflects the relationship between Sophie and Grandpa. In each picture Grandpa’s cat plays a role as well, which will add to its charm for young readers.


Evaluation: This would make a good book for parents and children to have a participatory reading, in which the kids can help find the missing objects and identify all the interesting details in Grandpa’s room.

Rating: 3.5/5

Published by Roaring Brook Press, 2016


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One Response to Kid Lit Review of “In Plain Sight” by Richard Jackson

  1. The illustrations look very eye-catching for a young child.

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