Christmas in Tucson, Arizona

In 2016, The Tucson Museum of Art exhibited the largest and longest-running Nacimiento in Southern Arizona. The Nacimiento is a traditional Mexican nativity scene, an artistic expression originating in Colonial Mexico.

A portion of El Nacimiento

A portion of El Nacimiento

As the Museum explained:

“In an intricate arrangement of hundreds of miniature figures, it combines the symbolism of the Spanish Colonial Catholic Church with the simplicity and faith of everyday existence in rural Mexico. Some of the scenes are from the Christmas story of the Bible; others show traditional Mexican village life with an accuracy that extends even to the tiny replicas of kitchen utensils in the country dwellings.”

This particular Nacimiento was created by Maria Luisa Tena, in memory of her mother.

Christmas tree lighting in Arizona is also quite unique, and putting up lights can be a “sticky” business:

Cacti with Christmas Lights

Cacti with Christmas Lights


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7 Responses to Christmas in Tucson, Arizona

  1. Rita K says:

    Sticky indeed😂

  2. Jeanne says:

    Do you live in or around Tucson? Why didn’t I know this? I loved visiting there last year, when my daughter was working at Desert View High School.

  3. My son went to the University of Arizona in Tucson for 4 years. But I don’t remember him talking about this!

  4. Ti says:

    That display is really something. Are you back in Arizona?

  5. litandlife says:

    Love the Nacimiento! I’m going to have to ask my future daughter-in-law if she is familiar with them, being half Mexican.

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