National Poetry Month Kid Lit Review of “Little Poems for Tiny Ears” by Lin Oliver


This book has cute and funny poems for little kids that will have them giggling and – here’s the possibly bad part – asking to have the book read to them over and over and over. And over.

But the good news is that poems are so delightful, you may not mind….

I also like the fact that the poems suggest ways to recite them interactively with the child. For example:

“My Nose
Upward from your feet and toes
You’ll find a thing they call your nose.
It’s in the middle of your face –
this is, I think, the perfect place.
For if it were inside your ear,
You’d find it very hard to hear,
And if it grew out from your knee,
How strange and silly would that be?”


Or this one:

“Noisy Me
Achoo, hiccup
Babble, burp
Gurgle, giggle,
Snort and slurp.
Noises come and noises go.
They really put on quite a show!”


Any book illustrated by Tomie dePaola (pronounced Tommy da-POW-la) makes me sit up and take notice. In addition to awards for individual books, his work has been recognized by the Smithson Medal from the Smithsonian Institution, the Kerlan Award from the University of Minnesota for his “singular attainment in children’s literature,” the 2011 Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for his “substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children” and the 2012 Original Art Lifetime Achievement Award form the Society of Illustrators. His pictures are warm and magical, and are loved by both children and adults.

Evaluation: Adorable poems and adorable illustrations make a winning combination for the very young. There are even free stickers included in the back.

Rating: 5/5

Published by Nancy Paulsen Books, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), 2014


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5 Responses to National Poetry Month Kid Lit Review of “Little Poems for Tiny Ears” by Lin Oliver

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    Vance adored books with rhymes when he was young. The illustrations in this on are wonderful.

  2. Trish says:

    You had me until “free stickers.” Because we have them everywhere in our house. including the bottoms of my socks. 😉

    We have a couple of nursery rhyme type books from Tiger Tales. Not as pretty looking as these, but I love the sing-songy nature of reading (or singing) poems at bedtime.

  3. Belle Wong says:

    Beautiful illustrations! And stickers, too? This one sounds good.

  4. sagustocox says:

    This is adorable and the pictures are cute. My daughter would love that this comes with stickers!

  5. aliciaminor says:

    I cannot imagine a child’s world without nursery rhymes and kudos to all the writers who keep writing them. More power to you all…

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