Review of “My Father’s Wives” by Mike Greenberg

This book begins when the main protagonist, Jonathan Sweetwater, comes home from work early one day only to find his wife of twelve years apparently having an affair with someone in the guest bedroom. In shock, he leaves the house and sets off on a business trip, trying to figure out what to do.


For some reason never adequately explained, he decides he will find the answer by meeting with all the wives (a total of six including his mother) of his late father, who left Jonathan’s mother the night of Jonathan’s ninth birthday. Jonathan takes off, ostensibly on business trips, to meet up with these women and ask them about his dad.

At the end of his quest, he makes a decision about his marriage that has more to do with what he figured out about the affair rather than anything to do with his father.

Evaluation: The author has skill in writing prose, but perhaps not so much in plot construction. I didn’t see how the various subplots had anything to do with the main story arc. At one point, Jonathan says to one of the wives: “I feel like there was some answer I’ve been waiting … for, but when I finally tried to find it I realized I didn’t even know what the question was.” Substitute the word “plot” in the place of the words “question” and “answer” and that is a perfect summary of my reaction to the book. But it could well be that other readers will make more sense of it than I.

Rating: 3/5

Published by William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2015


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9 Responses to Review of “My Father’s Wives” by Mike Greenberg

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    I wondered how a sports guy would do writing women’s fiction. This probably isn’t for me.

  2. Alyce Reese says:

    This review made me laugh out loud. I’m sure the author had a plan – relating one affair to the other, but it would make way more sense to actually deal with one or the other (or both) thoroughly.

  3. Ti says:

    This one is getting a lot of attention but yours is probably the 5th or 6th review I’ve read that says the same exact thing. It seems to be missing a tie-in somewhere.

  4. Anita says:

    I felt the same way. I really enjoyed his first book, but there were a few hangups in plot movement too. I reviewed both his books today, one post. Similar feelings.

  5. Love your review! Mine went up today as well for this book. I enjoyed it a bit more than you but I just enjoyed the read and didn’t think too much about the weird boss, etc… I think I have had some hard books lately so this one was a “YAY!”

  6. litandlife says:

    Sounds like Greenberg has promise; maybe a good editor could help him make the plots tighter.

  7. Belle Wong says:

    Well, I for one need plot. Always have, always will. It’s why I do best with genre reads …

  8. Gayle says:

    I liked his first book, didn’t love it. Your review is enough to satisfy my curiosity about his second one.

  9. Beth F says:

    Ugh. Ok. not touching this one.

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