April 4, 1968 – Death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

On this date in 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr., American civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate was assassinated at the age of 39. In January of 1965, he was asked in an interview reprinted here about plots on his life. He replied:

“If I were constantly worried about death, I couldn’t function. After a while, if your life is more or less constantly in peril, you come to a point where you accept the possibility philosophically. I must face the fact, as all others in positions of leadership must do, that America today is an extremely sick nation, and that something could well happen to me at any time. I feel, though, that my cause is so right, so moral, that if I should lose my life, in some way it would aid the cause.”


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5 Responses to April 4, 1968 – Death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

  1. Beth F says:

    What a quote! I knew it was April, but had forgotten the date.

  2. BermudaOnion says:

    That was a sad time for our nation.

  3. trish422 says:

    I’ve always wondered if people who accept the very real possibility of their death are actually better off than the rest of us who deny we will ever die.

  4. I wonder what he thought right as it was happening — whether he felt the same way, or was just terribly frightened. It was an awful tragedy.

  5. stacybuckeye says:

    Wow. Spoken by a brave man who was comfortable in his place in the world.

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