Review of “Crash”, “Clash”, and “Crush” by Nicole Williams

This is a trilogy that is being marketed as YA, and in the first book, the two main characters, Lucy Larson and Jude Ryder, are in high school. By the third book they have graduated to college and the author has graduated to big time erotica. There are quite a few descriptions not only of sex but even of phone sex (using Facetime video interaction on smart phones). But it’s between two people in love and the language isn’t as explicit as it could be.


The plots of the three books can be summarized as:

Crash: When will we have sex?
Clash: What sexy things will we do to each other when we get each other alone?
Crush: When will we get married?

Underlying themes for all three: fear of being hurt; jealousy; temper problems and impulse control; growing up.

Side themes: Lucy loving to dance; Jude loving to play football.

The series begins as if it is about a good girl mistaking a bad boy for a good boy, and vice versa, sort of along the lines of Pride and Prejudice. But once Lucy figures out what is what, or who is who, she admits her attraction to Jude, and they move on to the next theme: a hormonally challenged, stubborn, and often irritating girl trying to resist giving in to an intensely passionate and romantic boy who loves her to distraction. Finally, something happens to help Lucy – at last – to figure out what really matters. We the readers already knew, and had been shaking Lucy through three books.

Evaluation: This is a nice romantic story. It doesn’t always seem realistic, but what the heck. Take these books to the beach. Be prepared for lots of sex. … in the books, at any rate.

Rating: 3.5/5

Published by Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins, 2012, 2012, and 2013

Sound track: “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” The lyrics are a perfect description of the plot line, and it’s a great video besides!


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6 Responses to Review of “Crash”, “Clash”, and “Crush” by Nicole Williams

  1. sandynawrot says:

    Oh good, it is nice to know I’ll continue to get irritated with Lucy! I thought the first book was fun, if not ridiculous and not really all that well-written. This is teen fantasy stuff…the good girl gets the bad boy who has never been interested in love before now. But I’ll continue because it doesn’t tax the brain too much and you know exactly what you are getting!

  2. So, how many ear tucks did you find in these books?

  3. Umm, I think I’ll be passing on these. On the other hand I will be listening to Elton John the rest of today.

  4. bookingmama says:

    Hmmmm… I still think these aren’t for me — even as beach books.

  5. stacybuckeye says:

    As a teen and YA I bet I would have gobbled these up! Not so much now.

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