Red, White, and Blue Dessert For The Fourth of July!

What better way to celebrate The Fourth of July than by having something red, white, and blue (the white referring to whipped cream, ice cream, or even just sugar, of course).

As I observed in a previous post, the American Congress actually voted to approve a resolution of independence from Great Britain on July 2nd, 1776. The Declaration of Independence, explaining the decision of the Second Continental Congress, was approved on July 4th. So there’s no reason not to have a more politically correct observance on July 2nd, and celebrate in a gustatory manner on July 4th! (Or what the heck, celebrate both days!)

I know the popular choices are those desserts that look like flags, like this one:


I, however, prefer a more “sloppy” look, more in keeping with my actual “skills” (or lack thereof.) Therefore, for a great culinary treat, I present several tempting berry recipes in the cobbler family that look like I could actually make them. According to Wikipedia:

In the United States, varieties of cobbler include the Betty, the Grump, the Slump, the Dump, the Buckle, and the Sonker.”

First, we have a probably too-nice looking “buckle” from the King Arthur’s Flour Website, which I include because it combines peaches with the berries, which sounds interesting:


What’s a “buckle” anyway? The definition given at What’s Cooking America? is:

… a type of cake made in a single layer with berries added to the batter. It is usually made with blueberries. The topping is similar to a streusel, which gives it a buckled or crumpled appearance.”

But wait! “Sonkers” sound pretty good too:

A sonker is a deep-dish pie or cobbler served in many flavors including strawberry, peach, sweet potato, and cherry. … It seems to be a dish unique to North Carolina.”

Not only that, but these “sonkers” are traditionally served with what they call a “dip” or custard sauce. That sounds even more appealing! (Although I would just glom on vanilla ice cream….)


There are some great-sounding recipes for this. I like the name of this one, which seems to suit me very well: “Lazy Sonker.” Here is one that also sounds excellent, for a Apple, Pear, Strawberry and Rhubarb Sonker.


Does that sound great or what? Just google “recipe” with grunt or buckle or slump or cobbler (I wouldn’t recommend googling dump) and you’ll find myriad tempting possibilities!

Even Cake Spy gets into the buckle/slump/dump/cobbler action!

Even Cake Spy gets into the buckle/slump/dump/cobbler action!

You can also check out this post at The Baking Pan to find out more about the cobbler family, including Brown Bettys, Clafoutis, Pandowdies, and Fools! The best part is, most of these desserts (except, obviously, the French Clafouti), are as appropriately American as, well, apple pie!

Great book for your kids to read while you're preparing the dessert!

Great book for your kids to read while you’re preparing the dessert!

Happy Fourth of July!


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13 Responses to Red, White, and Blue Dessert For The Fourth of July!

  1. jama says:

    Great minds do think alike! For some reason “Sonkers” wasn’t on my list of “messy fruit desserts with crumbly toppings to which you can slather on obscene amounts of ice cream.” So, it’s mostly a N. Carolina thing? No wonder.

    Fun post, Jill. I do love learning about all the funny names and variations. These fruit desserts really do define summer, don’t they? Happy Fourth!

  2. Beth F says:

    Happy 4th to you! I love the names of traditional fruit desserts — grunts, slumps, etc. And I’m a huge KAF fan too. No blueberry baking for me this holiday because our local berries are about 10 days behind schedule. Instead we’re having local strawberries on ice cream with dark chocolate syrup. Yummm.

  3. BermudaOnion says:

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday! We’ll probably be eating watermelon for dessert.

  4. Athira says:

    Ooh, I like the sonkers! I don’t think I’ve heard of them. I must try those.

  5. sonkers, buckles, cobblers, grunts..I love them all.
    especially with some ice cream!

  6. However you pile fruit and flour together you can come up with a great cobbler/sonker/buckle….all that counts is when I get a lovely spoonful of that fruit. This all looks great!

  7. Carole says:

    Lovely desserts.

  8. Cecelia says:

    So many delicious variations on American desserts – I should make a sonker one day soon!

  9. I’ve never heard of sonker before but it looks delicious.

  10. Laurie C says:

    That sonker is my pick of these desserts, too! Looks yummy!

  11. Fun post! I’ve never heard of sonker but that sure looks good!

  12. the desserts all look fantastic!! Not all of us can be great chefs. I often daydream that I can cook and bake big time. I would love to take lessons!!

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