Review of “Let the Sky Fall: by Shannon Messenger

There is a lot predictable about this paranormal YA coming of age book; a lot that is creative; and lot that is funny – intentionally.


When Vane Weston was seven, he lost his parents in a category five tornado in Nebraska. He miraculously and inexplicably survived, but with little memory of what happened. He can only remember the face of a girl, and that girl has been appearing to him in his dreams ever since.

Now Vane is seventeen, living in “the hottest freaking place on the planet” in California’s Coachella Valley, where his adoptive parents took him when he was eight. Suddenly, on yet another abortive attempt at a date, he sees the girl “of his dreams” and everything changes, including Vane’s understanding of who he really is.

The Good:

The power of a kiss (as opposed to, say, way more than that)

Sense of humor of the author – both overt and subtle

Creativity – it’s nice to see paranormal characters who aren’t angels, devils, werewolves, vampires, necromancers, harbingers, witches, faeries, and the like, but rather something a bit more original.

The Bad:

Plodding predictability of boy-girl romance.

The evil character (Arella) is too cardboardy.

Not Sure:

Popular culture or product placement? The Cheesecake Factory, McDonald’s, and In-N-Out Burgers are probably sending the author royalties as we speak. Especially In-N-Out Burgers: imagine the power of these burgers if they can break the willpower of someone who hasn’t eaten in ten years!


Evaluation: This is book one of a trilogy (of course) but I probably won’t be returning to the series. It has its good points, but for me, it doesn’t really measure up to the competition enough for my limited reading time. I recommend it, however, for tweens, and parents looking for some “cleaner” paranormal coming of age materials.

Rating: 3/5

Published by Simon Pulse, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division, 2013

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16 Responses to Review of “Let the Sky Fall: by Shannon Messenger

  1. Beth F says:

    Well what’s left after “angels, devils, werewolves, vampires, necromancers, harbingers, witches, faeries, and the like”? Outer space? Then I’d call it SciFi not paranormal … unless he’s a hobbit, elf, or dwarf. LOL.

  2. I wonder if what feels predictable to us is so predictable to young readers. I can understand not returning to the series.

  3. sandynawrot says:

    I think many teens like that kind of stuff, they don’t care if it is predictable. But WE, the slightly sarcastic ones who have seen it all? You have to bring something shocking to entertain us. I like that it is fairly clean and doesn’t involve werewolves and vampires.

  4. zibilee says:

    If it’s not werewolves, angels, vampires, or fairies, I am wondering exactly what it is! I bet my daughter would like this one, but sometimes I find that too much product placement annoys me. I recently read a book that did that, and it really made me lose focus while I was reading. I’m not sure this series is for me, especially since you aren’t going forward with the next books.

  5. Charlie says:

    The paranormal aspect sounds good, there are too many of the same at the moment. The bad character sounds fitting of a predictable storyline, though, if it’s all typical. Pity about the product placement. The first few books with it in was ok, but after a while it does sound like an ad.

  6. A clean read without all the paranormal characters you mentioned? Mmmm…I now really want to try this one with my daughter!

  7. softdrink says:

    Although not a big hamburger fan (with the exception of Hamburger, of course), I must confess that In n Out Burgers are pretty tasty. Especially animal style.
    And CA is all about the chains. still, it gets annoying when you have to read about them.

  8. Belle Wong says:

    Oh dear. I may have to read this just to find out what’s not “angels, devils, werewolves, vampires, necromancers, harbingers, witches, faeries, and the like”.

  9. I always love your take on YA books…running with what you said. won’t bother to read this one.

  10. Jenny says:

    Aaaaand the “Skyfall” theme is now stuck in my head.

  11. bookingmama says:

    Well I do like that it’s cleaner and for tweens. Not sure it’s my daughter’s cup of tea though.

  12. stacybuckeye says:

    I prefer Fatburger myself. Wonder if I mention them on my blog eveyday I’ll start earning free burgers? Something to consider.

  13. Jenners says:

    We ate at In N Out burger when we were in CA and weren’t impressed. I’d read about it in (gossip) magazines all the time but didn’t find it all that special.

  14. LilysBookBlog says:

    I just read and reviewed this myself and found that this book was amazing. I think I ended up enjoying it a bit more than you did but even though the build up to the end you found was too fast I thought it was all just so perfectly paced. I was suprised at just how invested I myself felt with Audra’s and Vane’s relationship before they had even shared their first kiss! Thanks for your honest thoughts though 🙂

    Lily @ Lilysbookblog

  15. It’s a good serie but i prefer an other of Shannon Messenger : Keeper of the lost cities !

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