Review of “Blood Crave” by Jennifer Knight

Note: There are major spoilers for the first book in this series, Blood on the Moon, but no spoilers for this book, which is Book Two.

Before reading Blood Crave, I re-read Blood on the Moon, because it ended in a cliffhanger, and with those sorts of books, I like to get into the momentum before continuing on with the story. (You can see my review of Blood on the Moon here.)

Blood Crave continues the story of Faith Reynolds, who, like many young pretty girls in books these days, finds her life taken over by interactions with werewolves and vampires.

As Book One began, Faith had a relatively normal life with nothing more to deal with than her best friend Derek, who came with her to attend Colorado State University. Suddenly Derek was trying (again) to turn their friendship into something more. Faith just didn’t think she could love Derek in that way.

Moreover, as classes started, she felt an undeniable attraction to Lucas, a very hot and mysterious guy who shared some of her classes. Eventually she discovered Lucas was a werewolf, but she learned that, far from being a monster, he was a protector. She trusts him with her life. …And well she should, because he keeps having to save it! No, not from jealous Derek, but from vampires, and especially one particular vampire, Vincent Stone. Vincent has a 300-year-old feud going on with Lucas, and he figures out that he can get to Lucas by either killing Faith or turning her into a vampire. Lucas is unwilling to let Vincent do either, and he finally manages to get rid of Vincent once and for all – but not before Vincent bites Derek.

At the end of Book One, Faith – desperate to save Derek’s life, asks Lucas to bite him too, in the hope that the werewolf bite will cancel out the vampire bite. Will it? Proceed to Book Two!

Blood Crave picks up three weeks after Blood on the Moon left off. Derek is still around, but in a very different form. Faith is torn between loyalty to Derek and love for Lucas. She sometimes longs for her old normal life, but can’t imagine a life without Derek or Lucas. Unfortunately, she is painfully aware that she is bound to lose them both eventually, since she has only a human life span, something she thinks about a lot. In any event, there are bigger problems to consider: the vampires are tired of living [sic] in the shadows, and are ready for a showdown with werewolves and humans.

Discussion: Like so many books involving vampires, this story quickly devolves into a morass of vampire politics. Why do so many authors who create blood-sucking, rapacious, greedy characters think of politicians? I can’t imagine. At any rate, it’s just as distasteful to me and as tedious as American politics are lately. Okay, maybe a little less so….

Fortunately, the author doesn’t linger as long on vampire power struggles as much as some other purveyors of the paranormal, and focuses more on the dangerous and exciting aspects of romance between species.

As for the main character, Faith can be annoying: she is impulsive, foolhardy, and not always optimally mature. Ultimately, however, one has to like her: she is loyal, spunky, has a lot of compassion, and great taste in boyfriends.

The author has a very nice sense of humor that acts to surround the paranormal elements with a warm, fuzzy, teenaged vibe. For example, I appreciated how she tackled this plot point in Book One, when Faith asks Lucas why vampires can’t come into someone’s house unless they are invited:

“I don’t know why – it’s an undead thing. Whatever.”

Faith’s summing up, in Book Two, of her own situation is quite funny, and nicely accomplishes a recap of what happened in Book One. And all the doggy jokes (that come from characters trying to make deprecatory remarks about werewolves) had me laughing – I love the way one of the characters refers to Lucas as “Scooby,” inter alia.

Evaluation: This is a fun series: light, romantic, even sexy. The second book, like the first, ends in a big cliffhanger, one that makes me eager for the third volume.

Rating: 3.5/5

Note: There is sex in this book, but it’s not at all explicit, and at any rate Faith is a college freshman and Lucas is over 300 years old…..

Published by Running Press Teens, an imprint of Running Press Book Publishers, a member of the Perseus Books Group, 2012


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7 Responses to Review of “Blood Crave” by Jennifer Knight

  1. Charlie says:

    Good point about politics. If interesting enough that can sometimes detract from it, but having a whole thread about the politics in a paranormal world does seem a bit odd and unnecessary at times. It’s weird how humour works well in these books, it almost makes it more realistic because of the tolerance it helps support. I hadn’t heard of this series before and it sounds the sort I’d like, so I’m glad to have read your review!

  2. Sandy says:

    Ah yes. Bloodsuckers and politicians. Hmmm.

    I’m going to be snarky, so I am sorry. But I think I’d rather be water boarded than read this book. It makes my skin crawl. Obviously the plot is just a take-off from about a half dozen other plots that have already been written. Just change the names. But I do enjoy your reviews!

  3. zibilee says:

    I get a strong Twilight vibe from this book, though it seems like this is the story told from the werewolf’s point of view. I am not quite sure that I would read this, but it does sound as if it has a lot of flavor! Great review on it today, Jill!

  4. Beth F says:

    Oh yes, those vamps are always vying for power. Sounds like a fun series.

  5. bookingmama says:

    Well if he’s over 300 years old… LOL! I don’t know how you find time to re-read books. I can barely keep up with the new ones.

  6. CuriousSue says:

    It always creeps me out when 300-year-old dudes take a liking to the “not always optimally mature.” Where are the 300-year-old ladies? Do they have teenaged boys they’re crazy about?

  7. I love how you ended this one!! Freshman in college and 300 years old!! 😀 LOL!

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