A Moveable Blog “Field to Feast”

When Sandy, Zibilee, Heather, and I were at the 12th Annual SIBA (Southern Independent Book Association) Convention this past September, we were all drooling over the cookbook we received at a breakfast talk even as we were simultaneously drooling over the breakfast. (If I were in prison and had to select a last meal, it would probably be a Southern breakfast.) The cookbook, Field to Feast, by Pam Brandon, Katie Farmand, & Heather McPherson, celebrates Florida farmers, chefs and artisans. (Pam Brandon and Katie Farmand are a mother and daughter team who are two of the three women who launched Edible Orlando magazine, and Heather McPherson is food editor of Orlando Sentinel. You can check out the online version of the magazine, which features some great recipes, here.)

Left to right – authors Katie Farmand, Pam Brandon and Heather McPherson

We couldn’t resist paging through and insisting everyone else look at the recipes and accompanying pictures that caused our eyes to pop out. After a while, we all agreed that this is a book we must share with the world! To that end, we came up with the idea of a “moveable blog feast” for which we would each prepare a dish.

We came up with the following choices, shown with direct links because the other feast participants have already posted:

Sandy (You’ve Gotta Read This) picked a drink and an appetizer:

Siesta Key Lime Martini

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup

Heather (Book Addict) picked a main course:

Sauteed Florida Snapper with Succotash and Lemon Thyme Butter

Heather (Zibilee) picked two side dishes:

Hua Moa Tostones

Roasted Broccoli with Lemon and Parmesan

I picked dessert, of course!

Because my husband is a big fan of bread pudding I chose that recipe for my dessert. (Since we fight over absolutely everything, we even disagree on whether one says BREAD-pudding or bread-PUDDING. Feel free to cast a vote, especially if you agree with me although all I will tell you about which way I prefer is that it is the BETTER way.)

Here is what I made:

Bread Pudding with Island Rum Sauce


Serves 6 to 8

Bread Pudding

1 pound day-old French bread
4 cups whole milk
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
2 Tablespoons vanilla
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Pinch ground nutmeg
4 ripe bananas, mashed

Rum Sauce

2 Tablespoons water
8 Tablespoons butter
1 ½ cups sugar
¼ cup dark rum

Make the Bread Pudding

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Tear bread into bite-sized pieces and place in a large bowl.
3. Whisk together milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg in another large bowl.
4. Add mashed bananas to milk mixture and stir; pour over bread and let sit 20 minutes.
5. Pour into greased 9×13 inch baking dish and bake for 1 hour, or until golden.

Make the Sauce

1. Heat water in a small saucepan. Add butter and sugar and stir over low heat until sugar dissolves. Whisk in rum.
2. Just before serving bread pudding, drizzle sauce over top.

How it came out: I omitted the nutmeg (I don’t like it, and in any event, I didn’t have any) and maybe drank a fair amount of the rum sauce instead of applying it to the top of the pudding. Nevertheless, it was still fantastic, and very easy!

Evaluation of Field to Feast: In addition to many delicious and for the most part easy recipes, this cookbook also includes menu suggestions, a very good index, a guide to some of Florida’s unusual ingredients (like hua moa and longan) and interesting explanations about each place from which the recipes were taken. The pictures are gorgeous, although personally I wouldn’t have included so many of very cute baby animals next to recipes using their parts!

Published by University Press of Florida, 2012


This post will be linked to this Saturday’s Weekend Cooking, hosted by Beth Fish Reads. Weekend Cooking is open to anyone who has any kind of food-related post to share: Book (novel, nonfiction) reviews, cookbook reviews, movie reviews, recipes, random thoughts, gadgets, quotations, photographs. where bloggers share food-related posts. Stop by her blog and see what’s cooking this week!

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22 Responses to A Moveable Blog “Field to Feast”

  1. BREAD pudding is probably the one dessert I’ve never tired –weird, I know.

  2. Beth F says:

    BREAD pudding is one of all-time favorite desserts. If it’s on the menu, I’m ordering it. Only creme brulee beats out BREAD pudding. And how would know if the rum sauce was any good if you didn’t taste it a zillion times?

  3. Caite says:

    Oh…the bananas sound like a great addition!

  4. Ti says:

    Of course you picked dessert!

  5. BermudaOnion says:

    I’m not a fan of bread pudding (I don’t emphasize either word) but Carl is. Maybe I’ll make this for him one day.

  6. CuriousSue says:

    I’m bookmarking this so I can try your bread PUDDING recipe the next time I have leftover bread. The bananas sound brilliant!

  7. softdrink says:

    I only eat the chocolate bread pudding at Taco Temple. So of course, the emphasis is on CHOCOLATE.

  8. Rita K. says:

    BREAD pudding – I love it – my Mom used to make it and it was one thing she did very well. She was not a great cook, but there were a few things she did well. Her pie crust was awful though – she used lard, Yuk!

  9. jama says:

    Yum yum yum! BREAD PUDDING!! is how I pronounce it :). Love the idea of a moveable feast. The cookbook looks wonderful . . .

  10. Heather says:

    I seriously dislike bananas so I would leave those out, but otherwise this sounds yummy! And I don’t think I emphasize either word … but maybe BREAD pudding. Now you’ve got me saying it over and over again both ways! 😉

  11. sandynawrot says:

    Oooh man, yes I do need this. Extra rum please. As I sit on my hotel bed eating Sonny’s BBQ and wishing for something more civilized like Bread PUDDING. Now I really need to write a review or two or I’ll be going dark in exactly one week.

  12. It is definitely a good looking BREAD pudding recipe! And I’m not a big fan of nutmeg either. The only dessert I use it in is my pumpkin pie recipe.

  13. Alex Baugh says:

    My mom was a southern cook, so your post made my mouth water thinking about it. And bread pubbing is one of my absolute favorite desserts, so this recipe will be tried very soon. Thanks for sharing it.

  14. zibilee says:

    I agree that bread PUDDING is a wonderful treat, and I am smiling because you drank the rum sauce. That’s probably what I would have done with it too! I am making this. No questions about it.

  15. I do not think that I have ever had bread pudding -however the book sounds interesting.

  16. Anita says:

    My mother in law made an awesome bread pudding, and IMO the rum sauce is what makes a good bp. I like bananas but I could do it with or without them. I had a pumpkin bread pudding last month…so good. Sounds good!!! Btw, I’m near Orlando with Sandy, H and H2. Lol. I’m in the same book club….nice to stop by and say himm

  17. bookingmama says:

    I say Bread PUDDING! I might try this but since I’m not a huge fan of rum…

  18. Christine says:

    I love reading my regional “Edible” magazine! How great that Pam and Katie launched Edible Orlando.

    I say BREAD Pudding but my daughters just argued with me that it’s Bread PUDDING, so we’re not much help! This one sounds great with bananas in it!

  19. joyweesemoll says:

    I love BREAD pudding. This looks terrific.

  20. Love this whole idea and BREAD pUDDing looks delicious!!

  21. I love your Moveable Feast idea and I say bread-PUDDING. I’m pinning this recipe, it looks wonderful.

  22. stacybuckeye says:

    A local restaurant makes the one and only bread PUDDING I’ve ever had and I love it. Get it every time we go.

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