Review of “A Message to Your Heart” by Niamh Greene

Total predictability did not diminish the appeal of this beach-read/romance with a touch of the Irish in it.

Francesca (“Frankie”) Rowley is a struggling literary agent in Dublin, involved in a relationship with calculating, manipulative Gary Elverson, managing director of a big publishing house. Gary convinces Frankie to fly to San Francisco to try and get a contract for Gary with a famous but reclusive writer.

Frankie loses her phone on the plane, and rents a holiday phone at the airport on the advice of her new friend from the trip over, Rosie Kelly. But the rental phone apparently still uses a number previously assigned; Frankie starts getting text messages meant for someone else. Before long, Frankie’s life is a bit out of control, taking turns she never would have anticipated.

Evaluation: This is the perfect confection for an airplane or day at the beach. The book is very cute with delightful (if not exactly all that realistic) characters, and I loved the bits of Irish syntax and culture framing the story.

Rating: 3.5/5

Published by Penguin Ireland, a division of Penguin Books Ltd, 2012

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16 Responses to Review of “A Message to Your Heart” by Niamh Greene

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    Predictable and cute is just what I need right now.

  2. This does sound cute..and sometimes cute is just what you need. And then there is the touch of the Irish part, always a winner for me.

  3. Barbara says:

    Sometimes predictable and cute is just what suits the time. And this is a clever idea for a plot.

  4. Staci@LifeintheThumb says:

    Sounds like one to add to my beach list for 2013!!

  5. Sandy says:

    I have to be really careful with books like this. In the right mood, it warms my heart and lightens the load. In the wrong mood, I just get angry and leaves me wanting something more. I think I’d like the Irish twist.

  6. Belle Wong says:

    Definitely sounds like a fun read!

  7. Ti says:

    Predictability usually bothers me but delightful sounds good.

  8. Amy @ My Friend Amy says:

    such a pretty cover!

  9. zibilee says:

    I think this would be fun, and even if it’s a little predictable, sometimes the brain needs that. The Irish angle also appeals to me.

  10. Stephanie says:

    This sounds like a fun book. Like Sandy, my reaction to this kind of novel depends on my mood.

  11. Beth F says:

    I’m a sucker for anything with a publishing theme …

  12. Jenners says:

    Let me guess: she falls in love with whoever is sending the texts!

  13. bookingmama says:

    Like I always say, sometimes you just need a book like this!

  14. I’ll keep this one in mind for when I’m in the mood for predictable. Sometimes books like this just hit the spot.

  15. Niamh Greene says:

    Thank you for your review. I’m delighted you enjoyed A Message to Your Heart. Best wishes, Niamh

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