National Ice Cream Month Kid Lit Review of “Should I Share My Ice Cream? (An Elephant and Piggie Book)” by Mo Willems

This book for very young children, part of a series on doing the right thing, is very funny, and has a good message in it as well.

Gerald the elephant is best friends with Piggie the pig. Gerald gets an ice cream cone and really doesn’t want to share it, but feels like he should share it with Piggie. However, Piggie isn’t around and might never know the difference! Gerald continues to ponder, and by the time Piggie comes along, the ice cream has melted so the question is moot. But as it happens, Piggie is carrying a cone, and offers to share it with Gerald.

This book provides a great discussion opener for parents about sharing and friendship and what happens when you think you should do something but don’t want to do it.

This is probably not for families like mine, the members of whom form protective barriers with their arms around treats. Wait: on the other hand, maybe it’s even better for people like us! (Jim and I read this together, and had a good laugh more than once as we recognized ourselves in the text and pictures!)

Note: Before author and illustrator Mo Willems turned to children’s books, he was a writer and animator on Sesame Street, where he won six Emmy Awards.

Published by Hyperion Children’s Books, 2011

Elephant and Piggie at the 2011 BEA in New York, no doubt looking for ice cream

Product Details
Reading level: Ages 4 and up
Hardcover: 64 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1423143434
ISBN-13: 978-1423143437

Rating: 3.5/5


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11 Responses to National Ice Cream Month Kid Lit Review of “Should I Share My Ice Cream? (An Elephant and Piggie Book)” by Mo Willems

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    That book looks adorable! I would be willing to share my ice cream with anyone who came along – friend or foe.

  2. I had to laugh when I read the title because just the other day we went out for ice cream and my hubby and I decided not to get a cone because the kid’s cones were so huge we were convinced they would never finish it and therefore share. Wrong! They were licking so fast so that it wouldn’t melt, there wasn’t mush to share by the end. This book sounds absolutely adorable. I think my kids would get a kick out of reading it.

  3. aw, this look so cute!

  4. bookingmama says:

    This looks adorable! I love his illustrations and I have to tell you that I don’t share my ice cream with anyone!

  5. bookingmama says:

    Oh yeah! And Kathy would be willing to share her ice cream because she doesn’t like it!!!

  6. Marion says:

    Will grab a copy of this, my Reading Group at School will love it!!

  7. Jenners says:

    I was going to say … the correct answer to this question is “NO.”

  8. stacybuckeye says:

    Well, since we are big Sesame Street fans around here we really need to jump on the Mo Williams bandwagon.

  9. stacybuckeye says:

    Except I really meant the Mo Willems bandwagon. I don’t know who that other person is 🙂

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