The 8 Warning Signs You May Be A Bookaholic

David Fitzsimmons Arizona Daily Star

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40 Responses to The 8 Warning Signs You May Be A Bookaholic

  1. Sandy says:

    Haha! I think I qualify!

  2. Bookjourney says:

    Of my gosh – that is awesome! I must have this – LOL

  3. Pam says:

    Haha this is awesome.

  4. Janel says:

    Love it! It describes all of us book bloggers very well 🙂 Now if only I could get to Tucson!

    • Janel,

      The Tucson Festival of Books is today and tomorrow, and I think it will be wonderful. The weather is in the low seventies and there is a great line-up of authors. I have to leave from there early today however to pick up my husband at the airport; I told him to keep out his book – I might be late! Ha ha!

  5. softdrink says:

    That is frighteningly true! And yes, I do own a book light.

  6. Julie P. says:

    Very cute! I can so relate!

  7. BooksPlease says:

    Mmm – I have a book light too!

  8. caite says:

    too funny…and too true.
    I admit I have an addiction, but as addictions goes, it is a nice one.

  9. farmlanebooks says:

    LOL! My nightstand is just a pile of books – does that mean I have a serious problem?

  10. JoAnn says:

    OK… I qualify. Wish I could get to Tucson!!

  11. Marie says:

    I’ve done #7, LOL. The rest is close enough! 🙂

  12. Trisha says:

    Hey, what’s wrong with owning a clip on book light? And Kindle v. Book is waaaaayyyy more interesting than whatever those initials stand for. And….well, yeah, I’m a book geek. But clearly I’m in good company. 😉

  13. ds says:

    “Hello, my name is ds, and I have a problem…”

  14. Julie H. says:

    That’s great!

  15. Margot says:

    Can I really call myself a geek? I thought clip-on book lamps were what normal people used. And, I have bought more than one copy of a book simply because I couldn’t remember I had it.

    This was a fun cartoon. Obviously, there are many of us. Sure hope the Tuscon book fair is rewarding for you and a lot of fun.

  16. Steph says:

    Oh, no! I think at least 4 of these things are true about me… Certainly the used book one is true! And while I don’t have a book light, I’ve been coveting one as lately I’ve been staying up into the wee hours of the morning and don’t want to disturb Tony.

  17. Ari says:

    LOL this is awesome! I would also add when you know all about book blogs, and can debate book covers all day (headless vs. not headless, etc.)

    Except I haven’t really done any of this. I’m pretty close to beating the Library of congress though. Sort of 🙂 i want to go Tucson or the teen NYC Author festival!

    Thanks for sharing this Jill =)

  18. EL Fay says:

    Clip-on book lights? You know you’re in deep now.

    I’ve actually always been pretty good about keeping my book collection pared down. Probably because I hate clutter so much.

  19. Belle says:

    Love this! Yep, that’s me to a T.

  20. Jules says:

    Yup, thats me alright. Love it thanks for sharing! 😀

  21. OMG!! I saw myself in every single one!!! Love it!

  22. Marg says:

    Haha! Fantastic, and yes, it fits me!

  23. stacybuckeye says:

    Guitly on more than one count. Cute 🙂

  24. Doret says:

    Jill, enjoy the festival, and please tell us all about it. So we can envy you.

  25. kseverny says:

    Lol, brilliant

  26. Ha, ha, this is so funny! So cute and so true.

  27. Alyce says:

    Oh that is so funny! I’ll have to show this to my husband. 🙂 I’m sure he’ll see me in there somewhere. (Like in every frame.)

  28. Barbara says:

    Guilty as charged.

  29. Aarti says:

    Ohmigosh, I buy lonely books!! 🙂

  30. Ti says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased a brand new book, only to find that I already own it at home. I need rehab but not to fix my addiction, just so that I can have more reading time 😉

  31. Jenners says:

    I love this!! And that looks just like my booklight!

  32. I love it! I’m printing this one out and posting it over my desk!

  33. Cathy says:

    I really wanted to go to the Festival but just couldn’t make it. Hopefully you’ll be posting about it!

  34. Dawn says:

    Fantastic … the newspaper should sell enlarged color copies of this cartoon 🙂

    When will you be blogging about the Festival? And have you yet remembered to pick up your husband from the airport?!?

  35. Lisa says:

    I definitely have a problem then–I have three clip on booklights–one on my nightstand in case the hubby is sleeping, on in the car (I’m not driving, I swear), and one in my purse–just in case!

  36. Bonnie says:

    This is hilarious..and oh so true! Lucky you to get to go to the book festival!

  37. OMG, that last frame is classic. I love it. Have a great time at the festival!

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