Unfinished Friday

Unfinished Friday is a meme to inform readers about books you did not finish, and let them know why.

I usually don’t want to say too much about the books I didn’t finish, because I am not only not qualified to do so, but am in fact unjustified in doing so since I didn’t read all of the books. Nevertheless, since the meme encourages such discussions, this week I have two DNFs to report:

The first is, I hate to admit, Betsy-Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace.

I know these books are wildly popular among bloggers, and that there are fan clubs and meetings and teas and all sorts of tributes and celebrations. I can only say that I never read this series as a child, and to try to read a book in the series now just didn’t work. I am undoubtedly too old. It bored me to tears and I quit very early into the book.

The second is Evidence of Murder by Lisa Black.

This book pretty much annoyed me from the outset with its inexcusably trite title and what appeared to be the beginnings of a most bizarre plot. For example, after a woman is murdered, a man other than her husband comes to the morgue and belligerently insists that since he [also] loved this woman, he has the right take the body away, and he wants it right now! Instead of the rational response, which might be to call the police, the forensic investigator meets with him to hear his argument. Shortly thereafter, it became clear that this was just a thinly disguised rehash of the Anna Nicole Smith story. At that point, I said “Forget it!”

And there you have it, my DNF’s for the week.

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21 Responses to Unfinished Friday

  1. Sandy says:

    I couldn’t even get through one disc of Michael Chabon’s Yiddish Policeman’s Union (or something like that). It was awful. Maybe the hard book would have been better. Overall though, there aren’t many books I don’t finish. I refuse to give up despite the pain, wasting days of my life!

  2. Julie P. says:

    Say it isn’t so — I loved Betsy Tacy! They are so sweet!

  3. Sandy,

    I loved Yiddish Policeman’s Union! But the beginning was hard – it took me a while to get used to the jargon and the style.


    I know I’m going to take flack for that one. Probably the whole town of Mankato is getting ready to issue a manifesto disallowing me from ever visiting!

  4. Jenny says:

    I’m sad you didn’t enjoy Betsy-Tacy, but I can see why. The earlier books are very much for young kids. I identified so much with Betsy when I was a little girl, so when I read the early books in the series I have that whole nostalgia thing to carry me along. But mainly I skip the first three when I’m rereading, these days – the books grow up with the characters, and all of them starting with “Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown” still work well for me.

  5. J. Kaye says:

    Oh, this is such a cool meme! I didn’t have any books I didn’t finish this week. Still, it’s a cool meme!

  6. Steph says:

    Well, I’ve never heard of these Betsy-Tacy books at all! What does that say about me? Neither of your DNFs sound like they’d be things that would kick me out of my terrible reading slump (and you know that the only book I’ve posted about this week was not a positive experience for me, even though I did finish it!).

  7. bermudaonion says:

    All of my reading has been good this week. Sorry you’ve run across a couple of stinkers.

  8. I should participate in Unfinished Friday, but I think I keep deluding myself into thinking that I will finish certain books, but they just keep sitting on the shelf.

  9. I just read the first Betsy-Tacy book recently, and really enjoyed it. But I probably won’t be reading any more of the series. Although I think if I’d discovered them when I was a child, I would have loved them.

  10. Marie says:

    thanks for playing jill! 🙂 I have a Betsy Tacy sitting around somewhere- all of a sudden they were trendy and I got one off Bookmooch but haven’t tried it yet. The second one sounds like not my cup of tea at all! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  11. Ti says:

    I enjoyed Betsy Tacy when I read it a few months back but I can see how it might not be your cup of tea. I appreciated it but that is coming from the mind of a very large, 41-year-old child.

  12. That was pretty gutsy of you to admit to the DNF of a Betsy Tacy but you did it well.

  13. Aarti says:

    I didn’t not finish any books this week, but I definitely skimmed through portions of a fantasy novel I read. It wasn’t as good as I was hoping for it to be, but I really enjoyed the book I read right after it, so I suppose that made up for things!

  14. Alyce says:

    I didn’t much care for Meet the Austens for the same reason – I think I’m just too old for the book. I did finish the book, but was very tempted to toss it aside.

  15. I really like this meme!!!! I had a good week without facing any duds for a change. I’m sure I will be contributing to this meme in the future. Thanks for sharing your Unfinished Friday Meme.

  16. Lisal says:

    Maybe I should start doing this meme and it would give me permission to actually not finish a book that I’m not enjoying!

  17. Prongs says:

    I’ve been having a bit of an issue finishing come clasics latley. Usually my motto is ‘no book left behind’ aka. i try to always troop it out to the end But latley some of the classics have just been ebating the will to read right out of me. Le sigh. Probably because all my brain wants to do right now is read christmas stories haha.

  18. EL Fay says:

    Evidence of Murder“? I’m surprised you even bothered!

  19. Jenners says:

    Let’s keep it between you and me but I think I would feel the same about the Betsy Tacy books. Everyone was raving about them and I thought to myself “Hmmmmm…so not interested.

    And the whole Evidence to Murder sounds just lame.

    I like the concept of this meme … I might have to do it for the one DNF book I had this year.

  20. Toni Gomez says:

    I really like the meme…. gotta love the honest truth right? 😉

  21. Rita K says:

    I agree with Nancy Pearl. There are too many good books in the world to waste your time with a bad one. I subtract my age from 100 – and only read that many pages. If the books does not interest me by then, I quit reading it. I make exceptions for my book club books, but I still couldn’t get into the last one we were to read – “Sea of Poppies.” I gave it 75 pages – and no, I am not 25 – but still had to quit.

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