DailyLit Sends You Bits of Books or Wisdom When and Where You Want It

Read books online: get short installments by daily email (or RSS feed).

It’s really simple.

Find a book you want to read
Enter your email address
Click subscribe


“HOW IT WORKS” from the website:

“DailyLit sends books in installments via e-mail or RSS feed. We currently offer over 1000 classic and contemporary books available entirely for free or on a Pay-Per-Read basis (with sample installments available for free). You can read your installments wherever you receive e-mail/RSS feeds, including on your Blackberry and iPhone. Installments arrive in your Inbox according to the schedule you set (e.g. 7:00am every weekday). You can read each installment in under 5 minutes (most folks finish in 2-3 minutes), and, if you have more time to read, you can receive additional installments immediately on demand. Our titles include bestselling and award winning titles, from literary fiction and romance to language learning and science fiction. DailyLit features forums where you can discuss your favorite books and authors. We also have a gift service, where you can send books via DailyLit to friends, with installments starting on any date you choose (even that very day – perfect for last minute gifts), and each installment comes with a personalized message written by you.”

DailyLit also offers “Wikipedia Tours”: As they describe it, “In just a few seconds a day, you can learn about Masterpieces of Western Art, witness Historic Battles, find some fine Cheese (to go with your Wine), or time travel to the 1960s. They’re here for the taking—and all free!”


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