Happy Hanukkah Video From Adam Sandler

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the triumph of a small group of Jews who challenged their Greek oppressors. The head of the Greek Empire, Antiochus IV, outlawed the observance of specific Jewish commandments, predicting that this would lead to assimilation of the Jews. The practice of these commandments was punishable by death. A group of perhaps 6,000 men, calling themselves the Maccabees after their leader, resisted the 40,000-some troops sent to overwhelm them. Initial losses prompted Antiochus to send an additional 65,000 troops. The Maccabees fought for three years, and finally vanquished the Greeks. But when they tried to reclaim their Holy Temple, they found that the oil to light the candles was defiled. They only had enough pure oil to light the Temple’s menorah for one day. It would take at least seven days to make more. Miraculously, however, the light from the little jar lit the menorah for eight days. Thus, Hanukah is also known as the Festival of Lights. And food to celebrate Hanukkah has traditionally involved preparation in oil (such as potato pancakes, or latkes, and sufganiot, or Israeli jelly doughnuts).

See a video of Adam Sandler singing Happy Hanukkah, below:


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