Sarah Palin: A Girl Called “Button”

The Washington Post has a great article today by Libby Copeland on the appeal of Sarah Palin, which has nothing to do with brains (needless to say) but everything to do with “cuteness”:

“She’s perky, she’s spunky,” says Republican speechwriter Landon Parvin, who has written for both Presidents Bush. “She has this quality — in a 1950s comedy, her father would call her ‘Button.’ ”

The author goes on to note:

“Much of Palin’s appeal — as well as what some find grating — is about the language she chooses, which is folksy in the extreme. She says “heck” and “darn” and “gosh” and “shoot” and “oh, gee.” She says, “Guys and gals, our regulatory system is outdated.” And: The nation’s financial system “needs some shakin’ up and some fixin.’ ” She pronounces things “awesome” and “cool,” as in: “He’s an awesome bundle of joy” (baby Trig) and “It was so cool growin’ up in this church and gettin’ saved here” (the Wasilla Assembly of God). The critics — she calls ’em “haters.” Could central casting produce a more ideal messenger for the new Republican populism?”

Read the whole insightful and amusing article (replete with illustrative video clips) here.


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