Review of “Decked With Holly” by Marni Bates

This book may have the funniest “meet cute” episode I have ever read. I was literally crying from laughing so hard.

This book includes some of the same characters from the previous book by Marni Bates, Awkward (see my review here) but it’s not a sequel at all; one doesn’t need any familiarity with that book to enjoy this one.


Holly Dayton, orphaned while still an infant, was brought up by her grandpa, who proposed a Christmas cruise to the Mexican Riviera in celebration of his mid-December 75th birthday and Holly’s upcoming 18th birthday on the day after Christmas. Unfortunately, he also invited his daughter and her family. Aunt Jessica and the two evil girl cousins, Allison and Claire, are a too-perfect imitation of Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters, but the book is so funny, I overlooked that particular cardboardy aspect.

On the cruise, the hottest guy aboard turns out to be Dominic Wyatt, the drummer for the boy band ReadySet, who is seeking some downtime from the pressure of work and fans. But unfortunately his identity is discovered, and the only way to rescue to the situation is for him to have a “girlfriend” on hand. After a run-in with Holly, in which of course they decide they don’t like each other at all, she agrees to be his “fauxmance.”

Although you can guess what happens, it is worth the ride. I loved it, and I think teens will too. There is no sex, but there is bad language; nothing, I can’t imagine, that kids haven’t heard before, however.

Evaluation: This book is a riot. If you remember the classic Clark Gable movie, “It Happened One Night,” the plot is somewhat similar, but with the comedic possibilities updated.

Rating: 4/5

Published by Kensington Publishing Corporation, 2012

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4 Responses

  1. I felt the same way. The book was predictable but it was such a delight, I didn’t care!

  2. Ahhhhh! Now I want to read it. I like to laugh :)

  3. aw this sounds so cute, I just ordered it!

  4. I love It Happened One Night. Looks like I should read this one.

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